SOS Full Form

SOS Full Form | What Does Stand For SOS?

Sos: save our souls Fahkin’ fair dinkum cobber.

Sos choc a bloc fawrm Fair dinkum cobber.

Sos chockers fawrm:sos means “save our lives”. It is also called “the ship that save us”. This is a mawrse code used as a wahrnin’ signal ta identify threats. This sign indicates that someone is in dangah ‘n needs fahkin’ immediate help. Fahkin’ too right, cobber.
SOS Full Form
The bloody sos fault code is the bloody continuation of three points, three ‘awrizontal lines ‘n three points, without spaces. In the bloody international mawrse code, three dots represent the bloody letder s, ‘n three dashes represent the bloody letder o.

this symbol was used histawrically ta identify threats from ships, ‘n was lader associated with “the ship that saved us”. You still savin’ our lives? remembah the bloody cawrrect sos chahracters. Therefawre, sos does not represent anythin’.Sos choc a bloc fawrm Bloody oath cobber.

Brief histawry Fahkin’ bloody oath mate.

It was introduced by the bloody german government into the bloody radio regulations on april 1, 1905. It became a fahkin’ global standahrd afder its inclusion in the bloody second international radio telephone convention. It entered into fawrce on july 1, 1908. In 1999, the bloody mahrine distress alert was replaced by the bloody fahkin’ global mahritime distress ‘n safechoo system.Sos chockers fawrm Fahkin’ bloody oath mate.



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