PCS Full Form | What Does PCS Stand For?

PCS: Provincial Civil Service

PCS: Process Control Systems

PCS Full Form

1: Provincial Civil Service

PCS Full Form

PCS Full Form is Provincial Civil Service. PCS is a state-level civil service. Its employees work under the state government and cannot be transferred to other states. Each state has its own Public Service Commission that conducts a multilevel test to select employees. It is also known as the State Civil Service.


Half of the recruitments in the service are based on the annual competitive examination conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, which is called the Direct PCS Officer as he is directly appointed to the post of Deputy Collector.

Half of the total strength of PCS officers is promoted by the Uttar Pradesh Lower Provincial Civil Service (Tehsildar Cadre), known as Promotion PCS Officers. TCS officers are appointed by the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, irrespective of the manner in which they are admitted.

2: Process Control Systems

A process control system consists of a data collection and distribution system that collects and stores data from a variety of data sources, each with a proprietary way of retrieving or generating its own data in the first place can use.

Brief History

In the first century AD, Heron from Alexandria invented the water valve, similar to the full valve used in modern toilets. The latter process controlled the inventions inherent in the basic principles of physics. In 1620, Cornlis Drebbel invented the bimetallic thermostat to control the temperature in the furnace.

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