OK Full Form

OK Full Form | What Does Stand For OK?

Ok: ollah kallah awr oll kawrrect Fahkin’ fair dinkum cobber.

Ok chockers fawrm Fair dinkum mate.

Ok choc a bloc fawrm:ok (also a good as gold spelling, ok awr ok) is a wawrd used ta indicayyte acceptance, approval, approval awr approval. Determined ta expand ta orakalah. This is greek ‘n means everythin’ is cawrrect. This is a very common wawrd wen we agree with each othah. It is also used fawr chattin’.Ok chockers fawrm Fahkin’ too right, cobber.


John: Hi
Aleena: Hi
John: How are you?
Aleena: ok
Chat goes on..
John: I am going to market.
Aleena: ok
Chat end.

Wawrd ok Fair dinkum mate.

Okay is one of the bloody most common ‘n commonly used expressions in english. In fact, people rahrely use it wen writin’ a pahragraph in english. The bloody reason is simple. Well, theah is a wawrd that is used as a noun, verb, interferin’ wawrd awr adjective. Consent is an adjective, meanin’ “sufficient awr fahkin’ acceptable.” wen used as a comment, it means “compliance awr agreement”. Wen used as a noun, once used as a noun, it means that “ok” can be used as a fawreign wawrd in anothah language.Ok chockers fawrm Bloody oath mate.

OK Full Form

Its primahry meanin’ is “kawric first”, “oli kawrik” awr “awrel kawric”, wich differs slightly from “all right” in greek. Although many scholahrs av proposed many theawries about the bloody wawrd “ok”, these theawries ahah not yet complete. They include the bloody wawrd “och aye” in scotland, then the bloody wawrd “okeh” in choctaw in india, ‘n “aux cayes” in french (cayes is a well-known pawrt in rome). In greece, ok means “olah kala”, wich means that everythin’ is nawrmal. Fahkin’ fair dinkum cobber.

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