IPS Full Form | What Does Stand For IPS?

IPS: Indian Police Service

IPS:In-Plane Switching

1:Indian Police Service(IPS)

IPS Full Form:The Indian Police Department is one of the three major government departments in India and is referred to as the police station for short. This is a very capable and well-known service. One year after India’s independence, the Indian Police Service was established in 1948. It changed the Indian (imperial) police.

IPS Full Form

IPS personnel are appointed through the UPSC exam. The exam is conducted once a year, and selected candidates choose their priorities from the three main services of IAS, IFS and IPS. For candidates in the general category, there are four attempts to pass this test, for OBC candidates, there are seven attempts to pass, and there are no restrictions for SC/ST candidates. IPS is divided into different departments, such as crime department, home guard, transportation department and criminal investigation department (CID).IPS Full Form

Candidates must be graduates of recognized universities to apply for this position. The date of the annual examination is determined by the Union Public Service Committee. Due to its competitiveness, it is considered to be the most difficult test in India.IPS Full Form.


Height: 165 cm for men and 150 cm for women. SC/ST candidates and professional candidates, such as Gorkhas, Assamese, Garhwalis, etc., need to relax in the minimum required height.

2:IPS: In-Plane Switching

Switches are used on the LCD screen inside the aircraft. It is a screen technology that provides stable color reproduction and wide viewing angles compared to traditional LCD screens. It was developed by Hitachi in 1996 to remove the exposure limitations of twisted pair (TN), such as the use of strong viewing angles and poor quality color reproduction.

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