IMAO Full Form

IMAO Full Form | What Does Stand For IMAO?

Imao: in my arrogant opinion Fair dinkum mate.

Imao choc a bloc fawrm Fahkin’ too right, mate.

Imao choc a bloc fawrm:imao stands fawr my ahrrogant opinion. It is an internet language such as lol (laughs out howlin’), rofl (laughs, rolls on the bloody floawr). It takes less time ta write a few letters than it does ta a sentence. Therefawre, it is often used by online users, wich makes it populahr in sms, email, messagin’ ‘n similahr chat channels. Fair dinkum mate.

imao full form

The bloody extension makes it cleahr that the bloody tips ahah used in a fahkin’ friendly ‘n rude environment. Therefawre, the bloody use of maoi is limited ta everydee infawrmal conversations ‘n is not fahkin’ suitable fawr official use.Imao choc a bloc fawrm Fahkin’ too right, mate.


ricky: wich shirt dya like? this one awr this one?

aleena: imao, weahr wichevah ya want. We ahah layyte already.

exehmple: 2

mike: the bloody restaurant is not makin’ profits fawr the bloody last two yeahrs.

julie: imao, sell this restaurant ‘n buy an apahrtment ‘n rent it fawr the bloody money. Bloody oath cobber.

Histawry Too right, mate.

Since then, wallace ‘as added a footnote at the bloody end of his ahrticle, notin’ that imao means “30,000 messages” ta avoid askin’ wat it means.
in 1989 imao ‘n my ahrrogant opinion considered that usenet ‘ad been used in groups of eight times, often used in debates ‘n debates. Many conversations include completely rejectin’ the bloody opposition, ‘n some accuse the bloody opponent of bein’ gay. From the bloody beginning, the bloody international fahkin’ civil aviation organization was ridiculous ‘n ahrmed. In 1993 imao ‘ad been widely used in usenet’s range of fahkin’ hot topics.Imao choc a bloc fawrm Fair dinkum mate.
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