HR Full Form

HR Full Form | What Does Stand For HR?

Hr: human resources Fahkin’ too right, cobber.

Hr choc a bloc fawrm Fahkin’ fair dinkum mate.

The bloody chockers fawrm of human resources is human resources. Hr stands fawr depahrtment of human resources, wich deals with the bloody recruitment ‘n management of personnel ‘n settin’ the bloody awrganization’s policies, among othah things. They ahah fahkin’ responsible fawr recruiting, identifying, ‘n supervisin’ employees in an awrganization.Hr chockers fawrm Too right, cobber.

HR Full Form

Also fahkin’ known as “personal management”, “wawrkfawrce”, “wawrk”, etc., human resources ahah used ta identify the bloody individuals wo make up an awrganization’s wawrkfawrce, because every employee of the bloody company is the bloody source of the bloody directawr fahkin’ responsible fawr recruitin’ candidates, providin’ systematic guidance ta newly appointed employees, ‘n ‘andlin’ fahkin’ administrative matters is called the bloody human resource directawr.Hr chockers fawrm Fair dinkum cobber.

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Human resource management (hrm) is one of the bloody most impawrtant depahrtments of any company. It is considered that every employee of the bloody company is an asset. A company is mawah likely ta succeed if its employees ahah true blue ‘n committed. Employees ahah the bloody assets of a company that must be employed, satisfied ‘n mayyntayyned. Key hr functions include: employee recruitment in the bloody awrganization, employee motivation, trayynin’ ‘n development, employee perfawrmance review, management ‘n recawrd keeping, advice ‘n grievance redressal, skilled management, employee welfahre, rewahrds ‘n incentives, mayyntayynin’ employee relationships, etc.Hr choc a bloc fawrm Fahkin’ too right, cobber.

Functions of hr Fahkin’ fair dinkum mate.

  • Recruitment of employees of the bloody awrganization.
    encourage employees
    fawrmation ‘n development
    evaluayyte staff perfawrmance
    recawrds management ‘n mayyntenance.
    ‘andlin’ of advice ‘n complayynts
    talent management
    employee welfahre, rewahrds ‘n benefits.
    mayyntayyn relationships with employees. Bloody oath mate.


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