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ATM : Automated Teller Machine

Full Form Of ATM

Full Form Of ATM: The complete form of the ATM is an Automated Teller Machine. An automatic teller machine is an electromechanical device used to conduct financial transactions through a bank account. These machines are used to withdraw funds from personal bank accounts. Like a bank branch, the cashier (formally called the cashier) counts the cash and delivers it to the customer in the same way that the machine treats you. Therefore, it is called “ATM”. Full Form Of ATM.

Full Form Of ATM

The cardholder can withdraw funds from his bank account without going to the bank. Since these ATMs are automatic and do not require manual operation, it makes the banking process easier. There are two types of ATMs. One has basic functions in which you can withdraw cash, and the other has more advanced functions in which you can deposit cash.Full Form Of ATM

Today, ATMs are closely related to the basic uses of ATMs. Some cash deposits, remittances, cash refunds, balance inquiry, new generation PIN, and PIN in 1969, currency statements, bill payment, mobile phone recharge, etc.).The first ATM was introduced by Chemical bank in New York (USA) in 1969.

How it Works?

To operate an ATM, you need to insert a plastic ATM card into the ATM. On some devices, you have to keep the card down, on some devices, you can exchange cards. These ATM cards contain your account details and other security information in the form of a magnetic stripe. When you put the card down or replace it, the device will retrieve your account information and ask for your code. After successful verification, the machine will allow financial transactions. Full Form Of ATM

What Does The ATM Do?

  • Cash and check deposit
  • Transfer of funds
  • Cash withdrawal and balance inquiry
  • PIN change and mini statement
  • Bill payments and mobile recharge, etc.

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