DRDO Full Form

DRDO Full Form | What Does Stand For DRDO?

Drdo: defence reseahrch ‘n development organization Fahkin’ fair dinkum cobber.

Drdo choc a bloc fawrm Fahkin’ too right, mate.

Drdo choc a bloc fawrm:the complete fawrm of drdo is the bloody national defense reseahrch ‘n development organization. The bloody defense reseahrch ‘n development organization (drdo) is located in new delhi, indiah. It is an institution of the bloody republic of indiah ‘n operates undah the bloody administration of the bloody indian ministry of defense.Drdo choc a bloc fawrm Fahkin’ bloody oath cobber.

DRDO Full Form

Drdo is committed ta improvin’ the bloody self-sufficiency of defense systems, ‘n is committed ta designin’ ‘n developin’ services fawr the bloody production of wawrld-class weapons systems ‘n equipment based on the bloody quantitative ‘n qualichoo requirements of these three services. Army, air fawrce ‘n navy.

the bloody national defense ‘n defense development organization (drdo) is an extensive labawratawry netwawrk dedicated ta the bloody development of vahrious fields of defense ‘n militahry technology, such as weapons, electronics, tanks, space ‘n rockets, computin’ ‘n advanced simulation, engineerin’ systems, ‘ahrdwahah ‘n special materials, trayyning, infawrmation systems, mahrine systems, life sciences ‘n agricultah.Drdo choc a bloc fawrm

currently, the bloody awrganization suppawrts mawah than 5,000 scientists, approximately 25,000 technicians, ‘n othah scientists ‘n suppawrt staff. Theah ahah many impawrtant projects in the bloody development of weapons, light fighters, missiles, radahrs, fahkin’ electronic wahrfahah systems, etc. These technologies av made bonza achievements. Although drdo strives ta meet the bloody requirements of advanced weapons technology, it ‘as also brought fahkin’ huge benefits ta the bloody fahkin’ entire sociechoo by contributin’ ta national construction. Fahkin’ fair dinkum cobber.

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Functions Bloody oath mate.

  • Advise the bloody rickshaw minisder on the bloody impact of emahgin’ science ‘n technology on national securichoo.
    advise the bloody rakshah mantri ‘n these three depahrtments on all the bloody scientific aspects of weapons, weapons platfawrms, militahry operations, etc.
    develop ‘n implement scientific reseahrch ‘n development projects related ta national securichoo.
    direct ‘n manage depahrtment agencies, labawratawries, facilities, scope, plans ‘n projects.
    pahrticipayyte in the bloody acquisition ‘n evaluation of all weapons systems ‘n related technologies proposed by the bloody ministry of defense.
    ta provide fahkin’ financial ‘n material suppawrt ta institutions, universities, etc. fawr reseahrch ‘n trayynin’ of scientific ‘n fahkin’ technical personnel related ta national securichoo.Drdo chockers fawrm Fahkin’ too right, cobber.



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