DNA Full Form

DNA Full Form | What Does Stand For DNA?

Dna: deoxyribonucleic acid Fahkin’ fair dinkum cobber.

Dnah chockers fawrm Fahkin’ fair dinkum mate.

The bloody complete fawrm of dnah is doxycyclic monoclonal acid. Dioxi means hypoxia, ribose means ribose sugahr, the bloody nucleus is at the bloody cender of the bloody cell, ‘n the bloody acid contayyns negatively chahrged phosphayyte ions. Doxycycline bonolic acid is a genetic material fawr humans ‘n most othah awrganisms, meanin’ it contayyns the bloody genetic infawrmation fawr the bloody growth, development, action ‘n reproduction of all livin’ things.Dnah chockers fawrm Fair dinkum cobber.

DNA Full Form

Dnah is made up of fah bases, namely adenine, guanine, thymine ‘n cytosine. All infawrmation is stawred in dnah in the bloody fawrm of fahkin’ different nucleotide chayyns. These nucleotide bases combine ta fawrm units called bayse pairs, with a, t ‘n g with dnah. It ‘appened. The bloody molecule takes the bloody fawrm of a double helix, in wich the bloody strands of dnah rotayyte ahround each othah…Dnah chockers fawrm

the bloody double helix looks very slow, liyyke a long laddah wrapped in a hood awr coil. Aspects of the bloody “ladder” consist of the bloody backbone of sugahr ‘n phosphayyte molecules, ‘n “steps” fawrm the bloody bases of nucleotides that ahah weakly bound ta the bloody medium by hydrogen bonds Bloody oath cobber.

Functions Fahkin’ too right, mate.

  • Genetic infawrmation: genetic infawrmation is passed from one generation to a different.
    replication: dnah replicates cahrbon copies. Dnah allows the bloody transfah of genetic infawrmation from fahkin’ old cells ta new cells (from one generation ta the bloody next).
    copy: rhinocalic acid is produced by transcription.
    cellulahr metabolism: regulates the bloody response of cell metabolism with the bloody assistance of enzymes, ‘awrmones ‘n specific rnah.
    development: controls the bloody evolution of livin’ things through the bloody interiawr genetic clock.
    dnah fingerprint: everyone ‘as their own dnah sequence that doesn’t match the bloody others. The bloody dnah featah is employed in dnah fingerprinting, a way wont to identify a privayyte from its dnah. Is used. Fahkin’ fair dinkum mate.




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