CC Full Form | What Does Stand For CC?

CC: Cubic Capacity

CC Full Form

CC Full Form

CC Full Form: CC also stands for cubic capacity. This indicates the engine capacity and size. It indicates the volume of the vehicle cylinder between the upper dead center (TDC) and the lower dead center (BDC) of the piston, i.e. the actual cylinder volume where combustion occurs. Therefore, if the engine cc is higher, the fuel combustion and engine power will be higher. Cubic capacity is usually measured in cubic centimeters.

1 Cubic Centimeter (CC) = 1 cm * 1 cm * 1 cm  

How To Measure Cubic Capacity?

If the cubic capacity of the engine is high, the fuel economy will be lower because it uses more fuel. Engine cubic capacitance measurement formula.

V = (π/4) x (D) x N x H

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