SSLC Full Form | What Does SSLC Stand For?

SSLC: Secondary School Leaving Certificate

SSLC Full Form

SSLC Full Form stands for Secondary Level School Certificate. It is a High School Graduation Certificate which is usually called SSLC obtained by a student who successfully completed an exam at the end of high school in India.

SSLC Full Form

SSLC is obtained through the 10th Grade General Examination, commonly referred to as the “Grade 10 Board Exam” in India. SSLC is a common qualification test popular in the international market in several states of India, especially Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.


An SSLC certificate must be obtained at the end of the middle school semester. After obtaining this certificate, the student is considered to have completed his basic education or basic education. After the successful completion of SSLC training, students who wish to continue their studies can choose to join the course.

According to their major, which will enable them to acquire sufficient knowledge to enter the university, sometimes called the University Preparatory Course (PUC), which lasts for two years. After this period of study, students can enroll in university for undergraduate studies.

What Is SSLC Full Form?

The SSLC full form Secondary Level School Certificate which is used to represents your high school diploma. This is the certificate issued by the college after the successful completion of the exam after finishing high school in India. In India, secondary education is often referred to as the 10th level board examination.

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