SDM Full Form | What Does SDM Stand For?

SDM: Sub-Divisional Magistrate

SDM Full Form

SDM full form stands for Sub Divisional Magistrate. District judges are sometimes given titles to chief officials of county districts, and county-level administrative officials are sometimes administrative officials below the county level, depending on the country’s government structure.

SDM Full Form

SDM is usually a PCS officer. Each area is divided into collectibles. It is authorized by the tax inspector and the collection judge. All subsections (tehsil) are under the responsibility of SDM (Judge Subdivision).

In India, under the Criminal Procedure Act of 1973, auxiliary circuit judges can hold multiple administrative and judicial positions.


  • Income function
  • Marriage Registration
  • Vehicle registration
  • Election work
  • Issuing and renewing driving licenses
  • Issuing and renewing weapons licenses
  • Issuing certificates such as SC/ST, OBC, and domicile

What Is The Full Form Of SDM?

SDM full form stands for Sub Divisional Magistrate. SDM can be a junior member of the Indian administrative service department, or a senior member of the national civil service system with relevant experience in subordinate positions.

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