PP Full Form | What Does PP Stand For? 4 Basic Full Forms Of PP

  • PP: Profile Picture
  • PP: Pause, please
  • PP: Percentage Points
  • PP: PowerPoints

PP Full Form (Profile Picture)

A profile picture is a picture representing all interactions of a social media account on the platform. The profile photo is displayed as an avatar next to the account name in posts, comments, and mentions (depending on the platform) such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

The reasons to use Profile Picture are very clear. The first is to help others get to know you. The other is to help you express your opinions and help others give you the right impression.
Your profile outlines general information about you and the skills you possess. After creating the profile, you can save all the software opportunities you are interested in, and then come back later to actually place the order.

PP Full Form (Pause, Please)

Another complete variation of PP is “pause, please,” which is a quick way to ask other players in a multiplayer game if they can pause them before continuing the game. It is usually used when the mouse battery is dead, the keyboard is not working properly, or when other technical problems occur with the computer.

This is a temporary pause or rest, especially in words or actions: a short pause after each blasphemy. Stopping activities due to suspicion or uncertainty; Hesitation for a moment. A relatively short pause, delay, wait, etc.: I want to pause the conversation and then continue after lunch.

PP Full Form (Percentage Points)

Percentage Point or PP/pp is the unit of arithmetic difference between two ratios. For example, the increment can increase from 40% to 44% by 4%, but the measured result can increase by 10%. In the literature, the percentage unit is usually written or abbreviated as pp or p.p. Avoid ambiguity. After the first iteration, some authors simply use “point” or “periods” for abbreviation.

The percentage difference is a way of expressing risk or likelihood. Keep in mind that 70% of all cases can be cured for a specific disease with medication, and without medication, only 50% of cases can be cured automatically. The drug can reduce the absolute risk by 20%.

PP Full Form (PowerPoints)

Here is another PP Full Form which is PowerPoints. Microsoft PowerPoint is a launching program which is originated by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin at the software company Forethought, Inc. It was released on April 20, 1987, and was initially only used on computers based on the Macintosh OS.

Three months after listing, Microsoft acquired PowerPoint for approximately $ 14 million. This is Microsoft’s first major acquisition, and Microsoft has set up a new PowerPoint business unit in Silicon Valley, where Forethought is located.

What Is Full Form Of PP Stand For In Science/Technology?

Polypropylene (PP), which is also known as polypropylene, is a thermoplastic polymer with a huge range of utilizes. It is produced from propylene monomer through chain-growth polymerization. It is a mechanically strong white material with high chemical resistance.
Bio-PP is the biological analog of polypropylene (PP).

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