OPD Full Form | What Does OPD Stand For?

OPD: Outpatient Department

OPD Full Form

OPD full Form is Outpatient Department. The outpatient department is part of the hospital set up to treat outpatients. People with health problems go to the hospital for diagnosis or treatment, but do not need to go to bed or night care at this time. The modern outpatient department provides a wide range of treatment services, diagnostic tests, and minor surgical procedures.

OPD Full Form

Typically, an OPD is created on the ground floor of a hospital and is divided into several sections such as the Department of Neurology, Orthopedics Department, Gynecology Department, General Medicine Department, etc. Here the patient completes all the formalities and then goes to the concerned department.

Difference between Outpatient and Inpatient

The InPatients have to be hospitalized overnight for care. Patients should stay in a medical facility where their procedure was performed (which is usually a hospital) for at least one night. During this time, they are under the supervision of a nurse or a doctor.The outpatient does not need to spend the night in the hospital. Once the procedure is complete, they are free to leave the doctor’s office, outpatient clinic, or hospital. Sometimes, they have to wait while using anesthesia or make sure there are no complications. As long as there are no serious complications, however, patients are not required to spend the night under supervision.

Other OPD Full Form

OPDOptical Path Difference
OPDOnce Per Day
OPDOver Pressure Device
OPDOffice of Public Defense
OPDOcean Physics Department
OPDOverfill Protection Dev

What is the OPD limit?

The OPD limit is usually part of the sum insured or defined by a health policy. If you claim compensation under OPD, then the deduction is made for the total sum insured.

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