NGO Full Form | What Does NGO Stand For?

NGO: Non-Governmental Organization

NGO Full Form

NGO full form is Non-Governmental Organization. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are subsets of organizations created by citizens, including clubs and societies that provide services to their members and others.

NGO Full Form

NGOs, through the tasks directed and directed by people of common interests, perform various service and humanitarian functions to bring citizens around the world. Attention to government, advocacy and policy monitoring, and encouragement of political participation through the provision of information.


They mobilize resources to provide goods and services to people affected by natural disasters; They promote change and work with other organizations to solve problems and meet human needs.NGOs differ according to their methods; Some are mainly advocacy groups, while others carry out plans and activities.

Operating NGOs seek to “directly achieve small-scale changes through projects” and mobilize financial resources, materials, and volunteers to create local programs.
Campaigning NGOs strive to “achieve extensive changes that are indirectly promoted through the influence of the political system.” It requires a group of active and efficient professional members who can keep supporters informed and motivated.

Top 5 NGO in India:

  • GOONJ – a voice, an effort
  • Smile Foundation
  • Akshaya Trust
  • Child Rights and You (CRY)
  • Help Age India

What Is The Full Form Of NGO?

NGO full form is an official non-governmental organization means that it is neither a government nor part of a political party. This is not a regularly profitable business. This is why NGOs are sometimes referred to as Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs).

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