LED Full Form | What Does LED Stand For?

LED: Light Emitting Diode

LED Full Form

LED full form stands for Light Emitting Diode. It is a semiconductor light source that emits light as it flows. In semiconductors, electrons react with electrons through holes, releasing energy in the form of photons.

LED Full Form

The color of the light (according to the energy of the photons) is determined by the energy required for electrons to cross the band space of the semiconductor. White light is obtained using several semiconductors or a layer of light-emitting phosphors on a semiconductor device.

Brief History

  • The first visible spectrum (red) LED was demonstrated by Nick Holock, Jr. on October 9, 1962.
  • A former Holocaust graduate M. George Crawford invented the first yellow LED and improved the brightness of the red and orange LED by another element in 1972.
  • In 1976, TP Pearsall introduced the first high-brightness, high-performance LEDs for optical fiber telecommunications, the first semiconductor material specifically adapted for optical fiber transmission wavelengths.
  • The first commercially visible wavelength LEDs were commonly used as replacements for incandescent and neon indicator lamps, and in seven class exhibitions, the first expensive equipment, such as laboratory and electronics test equipment, then later calculators, TVs. , In devices such as radios, telephones as well as clocks.
  • By 1968, visual and infrared LEDs were very expensive, at 200 200 per unit, and their practical use was minimal.
  • The first blue-violet LED to use magnesium doped gallium nitride was made by Herb Maruska and Wally Rance, doctoral students in materials science and engineering, at Stanford University.

Types Of LEDs

Designed using a variety of LED full form (light emitting diode) semiconductor conductors listed below:

  • Miniature LEDs
  • Lighting LED
  • Red Green Blue LEDs
  • Flash LED
  • High-Power LEDs
  • Alphanumeric LED

Applications of LED

  • Used in various displays
  • Used to dim light
  • Used in the automotive industry
  • Used in TV backlight

What Is The Full Form Of LED?

LED full form stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs are made of colorless semiconductor material, and light is emitted through a diode junction. As compared to traditional lighting bulbs and fluorescent light sources, it is about 80% energy efficient.

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