LAC Full Form | What Does LAC Stands For?

LAC: Line of Actual Control

LAC Full Form

LAC full form stands for Line of Actual Control. The Line of Actual Control (LAC) is the dividing line between India and China. In fact, the line distinguishes between Indian-controlled territory and Chinese-controlled territory.

LAC Full Form

The Boundary Line has been formed after the 1962 war and its length is 4057 km and it covers three regions of the northern state of India ie the western region is Ladakh in the state of Kashmir, the central region is in Uttarakhand. It also means that the LAC forms a border between the countries and separates the two countries.

Brief History

  • The “Line of Actual Control” is said to have been used by the Chinese Prime Minister in a 1959 note for Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • This border existed only after the Sino-Indian War of 1962 as an informal fire line between India and China.
  • In 1993, India and China agreed on the honor of ‘Line of Actual Control’ under a bilateral agreement, without demarcating the line.
    The term “LAC” gained legal recognition in the Indo-India agreements signed in 1993 and 1996.
  • The 1996 agreement states that “no activity on either side can go beyond the Line of Actual Control.”
  • Article 6 of the 1993 Agreement on Restoring Peace and Stability along the Line of Control (LoC) in the Indo-China Border Areas is noted, “Both sides agree that the Line of Actual The terms of control are for their supporters.

What IS The Full Form Of LAC?

LAC full form stands for Line of Actual Control. This is the border between China and India. LAC separates Indian-controlled territory from Chinese-controlled zone. The advantage of the border is that the region belongs to a particular country and it will abide by the rules and regulations of that country.

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