KPI Full Form | What Does KPI Stand For?

KPI: Key Performance Indicator

KPI Full Form

KPI full form stands for Key Performance Indicator. It is a type of performance measurement. KPIs evaluate the success of an organization or a particular activity (such as projects, programs, products, and other initiatives) in which it is engaged.

KPI Full Form

Accordingly, choosing the right KPI depends on what is important to the organization. What is often considered important depends on the performance of the department. Such as The KPI useful for finance will be different from the KPI specified for sale.

Brief Explanation

As it needs to be well understood that various techniques for assessing the current state of a business and its major activities are associated with the selection of performance indicators.

These reviews often identify potential improvements, so performance indicators are regularly associated with ‘performance improvement’ measures. One of the most common ways to select KPIs is to implement a management framework such as a balanced scorecard.

Top-level KPIs generally oversee overall business performance, while low-level KPIs focus on processes in departments such as sales, human resources, support, marketing, and more.


  • Number of recruitments
  • Training Programs
  • The average length of the service of employees
  • Market Share
  • Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Sales figures over a specified period

What Is The Full Form Of KPI?

KPI full form stands for Key Performance Indicator. KPI is a set of quantitative measures that support your organization’s goals and objectives and allow you to strive in the right direction and monitor your progress over time.

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