IVR Full Form | What Does IVR Stand For?

IVR: Interactive Voice Response

IVR Full Form

IVR full form stands for Interactive Voice Response. IVR is a technology that allows humans to communicate with computer-powered phone systems using voice and DTMF tone input via a keypad.

In telecommunications, IVR allows users to communicate with the company’s host system via a telephone keypad or speech recognition, which can then be used to inquire about services through IVR communication.

Brief Explanation

The IVR system can instruct more users to proceed with pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio. Network IVR systems are sized to handle large call volumes and are also used for outbound calling.

The IVR system can be used for mobile purchases, weather conditions, services, retail orders, travel information banking payments, and utilities. A common misconception is that an automatic present is called an IVR.

The rules for traditional telecommunications professionals are different and mean different things. The purpose of the IVR full form (Interactive Voice Response) is to input, process, and return results while automating attendance calls while routing.

Brief History

  • The first commercial application of the IVR was the Order Entry Inventory Control System, designed and developed by Steven Schmidt in 1973.
  • Early voice response systems were based on DSP technology and were limited to short words.
  • In the early 1980s, Leon Farber’s Presence Technology became the first mainstream marketer to reach cost-effective value after reading hard drive technology.


Your telecom operator may have an IVR system that allows users to call and check their call balance, call rate, plan accuracy, offers, bills, and recent recharges. To help your users access information about their accounts and quickly and easily access account updates without talking directly to anyone.

In addition, it can be used for phone surveys, movie time checks, etc. Advanced IVR systems have speech recognition software that enables users to provide input in the form of spoken words.

What Is The Full Form Of IVR?

IVR full form stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is an automated telephone system that interacts with and receives input from callers and offers options accordingly or diverts their calls to recipients.

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