ISI Full Form | What Does ISI Stands For?

1) ISI: Indian Standards Institute

2) ISI: Inter-Service Intelligence

3) ISI: Indian Statistical Institute

ISI Full Form

1) Indian Standards Institute

ISI Full Form

ISI full form stands for Indian Standards Institute. The objective of the ISI is the Indian Standards Institute, the establishment of an institution when India gained independence to set standards necessary for orderly business development and maintaining the quality of industrial production.

By the mid-1980s the country’s socio-economic climate changed, which necessitated the establishment of a strong institution, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which then took over the ISI. But the term “ISI mark” means that a particular product meets the standards set by the government.

Some Products With ISI Marks

  • Electrical equipment
  • Packaged foods and drinking water
  • Thermometers
  • Packaged Grocery items
  • Kitchen appliances and equipment
  • LPG Cylinders

2) Inter-Service Intelligence

ISI Full Form

ISI full form stands for Inter-Service Intelligence. Inter-Services Intelligence (abbreviated as ISI) is Pakistan’s largest intelligence agency, responsible for collecting, processing, and analyzing national security information from around the world. ISI full form

As a key member of the Pakistani intelligence community, the ISI reports to its Director-General and focuses primarily on providing intelligence to the Government of Pakistan.

Brief History

  • Weaknesses in intelligence gathering, sharing, and liaison between the Army, Air Force, Navy, Intelligence Bureau (IB), and Military Intelligence (MI) were revealed during the Pakistan-India War from 1947 to 1948.
  • After the Pakistan-India War 1947-48, Inter-Services Intelligence was formed.
  • The ISI was run by three key military service officers and specializes in the collection, analysis, and review of foreign military and non-military intelligence.
  • In 1950, it was formally tasked with protecting Pakistan’s interests and protecting the nation inside and outside the country.

3) Indian Statistical Institute

ISI Full Form

ISI full form stands for Indian Statistical Institute. ISI is a civil service institution recognized as an institution of national importance in the 1959 Act of the Indian Parliament. It was founded in 1931 and is one of the oldest Indian institutions.

It was obtained by the presenter Chandra Mahalanobis from the Statistical Laboratory established at the Presidency College, Kolkata. It is the most prestigious institution for Indian university statistics, and its early reputation made it a model for the first American institution of data to be established in the North Carolina Research Triangle.

Brief History

  • On 17 December 1931, Mahalanobis wrote Pramathanath Banerjee (Manto Professor of Economics), Nikhal Ranjan Sen (Khaira Professor of Mathematics), and Sir R.K. Mate N. Mukherjee.
  • This meeting resulted in the establishment of the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), which was formally registered as a non-profit distribution secretary society on 28 April 1932 under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.
  • It was registered under the West. The Registration of Bengal Society Act XXVI was amended from 1961 to 1964.
  • In 1953, the ISI was transferred to Professor Mahalanobis, nicknamed “Amarpali”, Baran Nagar, now a municipality on the northern outskirts of Kolkata.

What Is The Full Form Of ISI?

ISI full form stands for Indian Standards Institute. The ISI was established to create standards for the orderly development of industries and the maintenance of quality in industrial production. It is by far the most popular and well-known certification mark. The ISI mark ensures that the product conforms to the Indian standards set by the Indian Standards Institute.

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