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IQ: Intelligence Quotient

IQ Full Form

IQ Full Form

IQ full form stands for Intelligence Quotient. An Intelligence Quant (IQ) is an absolute score derived from a standard test or satellite designed to assess human intelligence.

The method of scoring intelligence tests at the University of Brooke was estimated by William Stern, a German psychologist, “IQ”, which he advocated in the 1912 book.

Brief Explanation

Historically, an IQ was a score divided by an individual’s mental age score by an intelligence test, both according to the person’s historical age, year, and month. The resulting quotient (power) exceeded 100 for the IQ score.

For modern IQ tests, the raw score has changed to a normal distribution with an average deviation of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. As a result, between IQ85 and IQ115 and above about 130%, two-thirds of the population score is about 2.5% each and below 70.


  • IQ scores are used to assess academic placements, intellectual disabilities, and job applicants. In the context of research, it has been studied as a predictor of job performance and income.
  • They are also used to study the distribution of psychometric intelligence in a population and the relationship between them and other variables.
  • An examination of various patterns of increase in the highest score can also inform current research on human intelligence.

How To Find IQ?

IQ full form stands for Intelligence Quotient. IQ was a score obtained by dividing a person’s mental age score by an IQ test, both expressed in terms of a person’s historical age, in terms of years and months. For example, at the age of 10, a 10-year-old man with a physical and mental age would have 14/10 * 100 = 140 intelligence.

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