IFS Full Form | What Does IFS Stand For?

IFS: Indian Foreign Service

IFS Full Form

IFS full form stands for Indian Foreign Service. It is a diplomatic civil service under Group A and Group B of the Central Civil Service, the executive branch of the Government of India. This service has been entrusted with the responsibility of handling and handling foreign relations of India.

IFS Full Form

It is an association of career diplomats serving in more than 162 Indian diplomatic missions and international organizations around the world. In addition, he serves at the headquarters of the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi and the Prime Minister’s Office. He heads regional passport offices across the country and belongs to the President’s Secretariat and several ministries.

Brief History

  • On October 9, 1946, the Government of India established the IFS full form (Indian Foreign Service) for Indian diplomatic, consular, and foreign trade representation.
  • With independence, the new Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Relations was almost transferred to the Foreign Ministry and the Political Department.
  • Indian Foreign Minister’s Day is celebrated on 9 October every year since 2011 to commemorate the day the Indian Foreign Minister formed the Foreign Service.


  • Representing India in international organizations and protecting its interests.
  • Conduct detailed negotiations, negotiations, and diplomacy to closely monitor
  • Providing consular facilities for NRIs and foreigners residing in the country
  • To handle legal disputes, protocol matters, interaction with the press, administration, etc.
  • Reporting on matters that may affect policy-making and the views of host countries
  • Promote trade and economic interests of India as well as trade programs in Indian exports, industrial partnerships, and international forums.

What Is The Full Form Of IFS?

IFS full form stands for Indian Foreign Service. It is a diplomatic, central civil service under Group A Services that handles various foreign and domestic affairs of the country with various operations abroad or with the Ministry of External Affairs. It is headquartered in the South Block of New Delhi.

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