ICSE Full Form | What Does ICSE Stand For?

ICSE: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education

ICSE Full Form

ICSE Full form stands for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is an examination conducted by the Indian School Certification Examination Board of the Special Board of Indian High School Diploma.

ICSE Full Form

The test can ensure that the people responsible for the school (affiliated school) in their state or territory are adequately represented. It aims to take examinations in general education courses according to the Recommendations of the New English (India) Education Policy of 1986. Private candidates are not allowed to take this test.


The ICSE course outline is too long. In subjects containing more than one article (for example, science), the score obtained in the subject is calculated by taking the average of all articles in that topic. Candidates must study 6 or 7 subjects, each topic needs 1-3 papers. Depending on the topic, a total of eight to eleven sheets should be written.

Advantages of ICSE Board

  • Focuses on the general development of the child.
  • Its curriculum is broad in content and has equal significance for all topics.
  • Focuses on detailed research on every topic, and the level of English is relatively high.
  • Provides flexibility to choose specific topics.
  • It is accepted by most of the schools and colleges in the world.
  • The curriculum for the ICSE course is reasonably structured and compressible.
  • It aims to teach students analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and practical knowledge.

What Is The Full Form Of ICSE?

ICSE Full form stands for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. ICSE is the school certification exam. After reaching standard 10 levels, it becomes ICSE full form (Indian Certificate Secondary Education). In general, the ICSE / ISC (Indian School Certificate) curriculum is more difficult for students, because the ICSE curriculum is usually designed on the basis of the foreign education system.

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