IAS Full Form | What Does IAS Stand?

IAS: Indian Administrative Service

IAS Full Form

IAS Full Form is Indian Administrative Service. Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the administrative department serving all India. IAS is the main civil service system in India. It is one of the three major departments of the Indian Police Service and the Indian Forest Service and all departments in India.

IAS Full Form

The members of these three services provide services to the Indian government and various states. IAS full form (Indian Administrative Service) officials may also be deployed to various public sector missions.


IAS was established in 1946. Before IAS, there existed the Imperial Indian Army (1883-1946). At the beginning of his career, IAS officials joined the subdivision level state administration as SDM and were interested in law and order.

With the passage of the “Government of India Act 1919” by the United Kingdom Parliament, under the full supervision of the Secretary of State for Indian Affairs, the Indian civil service is divided into two sectors, namely “Indian Administrative Service” and “Central Services”. The IAS full form (Indian Administrative Service) is one of the top ten civil service systems in India.

Eligibility To Become An IAS Officer

Candidates must be graduates of any well-known university to apply for this prestigious position. The examination date is determined annually by the Federal Public Service Commission. Due to its highly competitive nature, this test is considered the most difficult test in India. Example: In 2012, there was a shortage of more than 5 students taking the exam, and only 170 were eventually recruited to participate in IAS. This is the intensity of the test.

Responsibilities Of An IAS Officer

  • Handle the administration and daily actions of the government, including the formulation and implementation of policies in consultation with ministers responsible for specific ministries.
  • Collect income and act as court officials in income and criminal matters (as income courts and criminal courts for enforcement judges), maintain law and order, and implement federal and state government policies at the grassroots level when appointing grassroots positions.
  • When relevant policies are issued at higher levels of the government, with the approval of the relevant minister or cabinet (depending on the importance of the issue), it is helpful to formulate policies and make final decisions on certain matters.

What Is The Full Form Of IAS?

IAS Full Form is Indian Administrative Service. The Bureau of Administrative Services of India is the highest and most well-known administrative civil service system in the Indian government. It was established in 1946 and is considered a very difficult test.

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