HSC Full Form | What Does HSC Stand For?

HSC: Higher Secondary Certificate/ Higher Secondary School Certificate

HSC Full Form

HSC Full Form is Higher Secondary Certificate. After 10 years of primary and secondary school studies, students (over 16 years old) who successfully pass the SSC exam can choose to enter college to receive a two-year secondary education in their respective fields.

HSC Full Form

Study in a technical college or a college of applied arts. After you have obtained two years of secondary education, you must take another general test called the Matriculation Examination conducted by the Board of Education in order to qualify for further education.


The high school diploma in Madrasah Education Alim Exam, also known as HSC or HSSC, Intermediate or +2, is Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, Punjab, India, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Goa. In India, the composition of the exam changes from board to board. In most councils, however, they are considered self-exams. HSC is equivalent to a GCE A score in England and grades 3 and 4 of high school in the United States.

After completing the preparatory course, students register for the high school exam. There are two types of high school diplomas:

  • Scientific procedure
  • Unscientific plan

In HSC, biology, history, geography, physics, chemistry, mathematics, accounting, and agriculture are the most popular subjects.

What Does HSC Full Form Stand For?

HSC full form represents Higher Secondary School. It is also called HSSC (Higher Secondary School System). This is a general exam that middle college students take. In India, the HSC is called the 12th level exam and is taken at the state level by state education committees (for example, Maharashtra Commission, Madhya Pradesh Commission, Bihar State Commission, etc.).

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