FMCG Full Form | What Does FMCG Stand For?

FMCG: Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

FMCG Full Form

FMCG full form is Fast-Moving Consumer Goods which is also known as consumer packed goods (CPD). These items are products that sell quickly and are generally not durable.

FMCG Full Form

Examples of fast-moving consumer goods include soft drinks, processed foods, cosmetics (such as lip balm, eyeliner, deodorant, and soap), as well as the general use of the product, such as toilet paper, facial towels, shower caps, hand sanitizer and over-the-counter medicines, medical treatment, etc.


From the consumer’s point of view

  • Bulk purchase
  • Low participation (little or no effort to choose products)
  • Low price
  • Short shelf life
  • Fast depreciation

From the perspective of marketers

  • multitudinous
  • Low contribution rate
  • widely distributed
  • High inventory turnover rate

What Is The Full Form Of FMCG?

FMCG full form is Fast-Moving Consumer Goods. Fast-moving consumer goods have a short lifespan, and can usually be replaced or sold in just a few days, weeks and months. Although the profit margins of consumer goods products are relatively low, they are usually sold in large quantities, so cumulative profits are good.​​​

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