FIR Full Form | What Does FIR Stands For?

FIR: First Information Report

FIR Full Form

FIR full form stands for First Information Report. The First Information Report (FIR) is a document prepared by police organizations in South Asian and Southeast Asian countries, including Myanmar, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh when they receive information about a recognizable crime commission.

FIR Full Form

It usually arises from a complaint lodged by the police or by someone who is a victim of a punishable offense, but anyone can report such a thing to the police or orally. It is important to know about the crime that can be identified.

Procedure To File FIR

The procedure for filing an FIR is set out in Rule 154 of the Criminal Code, 1973.

  • When a crime report is provided orally by a recognizable commission, it must be written by the police.
  • As a person who provides information or complains, you have the right to claim that you have read police records.
  • When the police record the data, the informant will sign it.
  • After verifying the police record, you should sign the report according to the details you have given.
  • People who are unable to read or write should keep their left thumbprint on paper until they are sure it is an accurate record.
  • If the police are not giving you a copy of the FIR, always ask for a copy. It is your right to receive it free of charge.

What Is The Full Form Of FIR?

FIR full form stands for First Information Report. An FIR is a document that contains details of a criminal offense. It should be noted that FIR is not conclusive evidence of an individual’s guilt. The police cannot refuse to register an FIR as it is against the law.

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