ED Full Form | What Does ED Stand For?

ED: Enforcement Directorate

ED Full Form

ED Full Form is Enforcement Directorate. ED is a law enforcement agency established in 1956. It is responsible for implementing some provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 (FEMA) and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002 (PMLA). It is headquartered in New Delhi, India, USA.

ED Full Form

The Enforcement Agency (ED) is a law enforcement and economic intelligence agency responsible for enforcing economic laws in India and combating economic crime. It is part of the Revenue Department, Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

It is made up of officials from the Indian Revenue Service, the Indian Corporate Law Office, the Indian Police Service, the Indian Administrative Officer, and promoted officials from their cadres. The total staff of the department is less than 2000, and about 70% of the officials come from representatives of other organizations, and the emergency department has its own staff


The main objective of the Enforcement Office is to implement two major bills of the Indian government, namely the Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 (FEMA) and the Money Laundering Prevention Act of 2002 (PMLA).

The ED (Department of Enforcement) official website lists its other goals, which mainly relate to screening money laundering activities in India. In fact, this is an investigative agency, so providing complete and detailed information on the public domain violates the rules of the Government of Israel.

What Is The Full Form of ED Stand For?

ED Full Form Stands For Enforcement Directorate. It was established in 1956 and is headquartered in New Delhi. It is a government agency designed to enforce economic laws and combat economic crime in India. It is responsible for implementing certain provisions in the Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999 (FEMA) and the Money Laundering Prevention Act.

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