ECE Full Form | What Does ECE Stands For?

ECE: Electronic and Communication Engineering

ECE Full Form

ECE full form stands for Electronics and Communication Engineering. It is an electrical engineering discipline that specializes in the design of electronic circuits, devices, integrated circuits, and their systems to design non-linear and dynamic electrical components (such as semiconductor devices).

ECE Full Form

It welcomes the advancement of basic electronics, analog, and digital transmission and data, voice and video (such as AM, FM, DTH), microprocessors, satellite communications, microwave engineering, antennas, and wave.


It aims to deepen students’ knowledge and skills on basic concepts and principles that equip them with their professional functions related to the analysis, system implementation, operation, production, and maintenance of various applications in the field of electronics and communications engineering.

Various Job Titles In The Field Of ECE

  • Service Engineer
  • Software Analyst
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Field Test Engineer
  • Network Planning Engineer
  • Research & Development Software Engineer
  • Customer Support Engineer
  • Technical Director
  • Electronics and Communications Consultant

What Is The Full Form Of ECE?

ECE full form stands for Electronics and Communication Engineering. Electronics and communications engineering deal with electronic devices, circuits, communication devices such as transmitters, receivers, integrated circuits (ICs).

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