CSC Full Form | What Does CSC Stand For?

CSC: Common Service Centre

CSC Full Form

CSC Full Form

CSC full form stands for Common Service Centre. Common Service Centers (CSCs) are physical facilities provided by the Government of India to provide e-services in rural and remote locations where computer and Internet access was almost non-existent or mostly absent.

Brief Explanation

CSCs are accessible places for citizens of rural and remote areas of the country to host essential B2C services as well as essential public social welfare schemes, finance, education, healthcare, utility services, and agricultural services.

They are a single-point model of multiple services to facilitate multiple transactions in one geographic location. It is an all-India network that caters to the linguistic, regional, geographic, and cultural diversity of the country, thus enabling the government to form a socially, economically, and digitally inclusive government.


  • ICT to empower rural people for the economic development of socially backward people.
  • CSC as a change agent – to promote rural entrepreneurship, enable social inclusion, and influence collective action for social betterment.
  • Access to Information including all rural and remote citizens
  • Provision of public services – G2C and B2C.
  • Access to quality education/skill upgrading.
  • Access to cost-effective and quality health services.


  • G2C Communications – All G2C Communications (from the government to consumers) including Health, Education, Agriculture, Human Resource Development, Employment, Fundamental Rights, Disaster Alert, RTI.
  • Entertainment including multi-purpose spaces for group interaction, empowerment entertainment, and training.
  • Agriculture
  • Rural BPO
  • eServices and eGovernance like transaction information banking, rectification to request government services, insurance, travel, posts, etc.
  • Financial inclusion – payment of NREGA, etc.
  • C2G Kiosk – Complaints, Requests, and Suggestions.

CSC 2.0 Scheme

Highlights of CSC full form (Common Service Centre) 2.0 Scheme:

  • Local helpdesk support
  • 2.5 lakh CSC self-sufficient network in gram panchayats
  • A large bouquet of e-services through a single delivery platform
  • Stability of VLEs through maximum commission sharing
  • Encourage more women to become VLEs
  • Standardize services and enhance stakeholder capabilities

What Is The Full Form Of CSC?

CSC full form stands for Common Service Centre. These are physical facilities provided by the Government of India to provide e-services. Healthcare, Telemedicine, and remote health camps are also considered to be part of CSC’s expansion activities.

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