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CE: Common Era

CE Full Form

CE full form stands for Common Era. The Common Era is one of the most used calendar years in the world for the Gregorian calendar. The Common Era dates back to BC.

BCE and CE are alternatives to the Divinity BC and AD sign, respectively. The Gregorian calendar is used all over the world today and is an international standard for urban calendars.

Brief History

  • The year numbering system used with the Common Era indicator was designed by the Christian monk Dionysius Agius to change the era of the Martyrdom system in 525, as it continued to commemorate those who persecuted Christians.
  • He tried for years from the earliest reference to history (“era”), an event he referred to as the incarnation of Jesus.
  • This method of numbering years spread to 731 in England with the use of Bedi. Bedi also began the practice of meeting the year before Jesus’ birth and the year before practicing not to use it.
  • In 1422, Portugal became the last Western European country to be transformed into the system introduced by Dionysius.

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