CBSE Full Form | What Does CBSE Stand For?

CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Education

CBSE Full Form

CBSE Full Form is Central Committee for Secondary Education. The Central Committee for Secondary Education (CBSE) is the national public and private school education committee in India, managed and managed by the Indian Federal Government.

CBSE Full Form

There are approximately 271 schools in India associated with CBSE and 220 schools in 28 foreign countries. Among the 309 schools in 1962, as of 2019, CBSE has 21,271 schools and 228 schools in 25 countries/regions. All CBSE schools follow the NCERT curriculum.

Brief History

The first education committee established in India was the High School and Secondary Education Committee of Uttar Pradesh, which was established in 1921 and was led by Rajputana, Central India and Gwalior.

In 1929, the Indian government established a joint council called the “Rajputana High School and Secondary Education Committee”. These include Ajmer, Mervala, Central India, and Gwalior. Later, it was limited to Ajmer, Bhopal, and Wangdibang. In 1952, it became the Central Secondary Education Committee.


  • Propose a plan to improve school education in line with national goals.
  • Determine the appropriate academic curriculum to achieve stress-free, comprehensive and child-centered education without compromising quality.
  • Based on the feedback collected from various stakeholders, monitor and analyze the quality of academic activities.
  • Determine the format and conditions of the exam, and take the final exams for the tenth and twelfth grades.
  • Describe and update the guidelines or instructions for CBSE testing.
  • Contact with organizations that meet CBSE requirements.
  • Organize capacity building plans to update teachers’ professional skills and abilities.

What Is Full Form Of CBSE Stand For?

CBSE Full Form is Central Board of Secondary Education. It was the first education commission established in India in 1921 was the High School and Middle Education Commission of Uttar Pradesh, which was under the authority of Rajputana, Central India, and Gwalior.

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