CBI Full Form | What Does CBI Stands For?

CBI: Central Bureau of Investigation

CBI: Central Bank of India

CBI Full Form

1) Central Bureau of Investigation

CBI Full Form

CBI full form stands for Central Bureau of Investigation. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is a major investigative agency in India. The agency is known for investigating numerous economic crimes, special crimes, corruption cases, and other matters.

It was originally set up to investigate bribery and government corruption under the purview of the Ministry of Labor, Public Grievances, and Pensions (India), to enforce violations, Extended jurisdiction for Organized crime, multi-agency, or international affairs. The CBI is exempt from the provisions of the Information Rights Act. The CBI is India’s only official point of contact with Interpol. CBI full form

Brief History

  • CBI full form (Bureau of Investigation) got its start from the Special Police Establishment, the Central Government’s Police Force, which was established in 1946 by the Indian government.
  • It was established to investigate bribery and corruption in transactions with the Department of War and Prophethood. It was headquartered in Lahore.
  • The Superintendent of SPE was Kurban Ali Khan, who later chose Pakistan during the Partition of India. The first legal adviser to the war department was Rai Sahib Karam Chand Jain.
  • When the Home Department was transferred to the Home Department through the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946, Mr. Karam Chand Jain as its legal advisor.


  • CBI is the central investigative agency of IGOI. It is not a legal institution. It has acquired its powers under the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946.
  • Its major role is in preventing corruption and maintaining integrity in administration.
  • Investigate cases involving violations of economic and financial laws, such as customs and central excise, export, and import controls, income tax, foreign law, and more.
  • Investigate serious crimes of national and international importance committed by professional criminals or organized groups.
  • Maintaining crime data and disseminating criminal information.
  • The CBI is India’s representative for correspondence with Interpol.

2) Central Bank of India

CBI Full Form

Another CBI full form is the Central Bank of India. The Central Bank of India, a state-owned bank, is the oldest and largest commercial bank in India. It is located in Mumbai, the financial capital of India and the capital of the state of Maharashtra.

It is one of the twelve public sector banks in India to recapitalize in 2009. Despite its name, it is not the central bank of India. It is a public bank. In the merger initiative of the NDA government, the Central Bank of India has been retained as a separate entity due to India’s presence.

Brief History

  • The Central Bank of India was established on 21 December 1911 with Sir Feroz Shah Mehta as the Chairman, Sir Suri, and claimed to be the first commercial Indian bank wholly owned and managed by India.
  • By 1918, it had set up a branch in Hyderabad. In 1925, a branch was started near Secunderabad.
  • Before the Second World War, the Central Bank of India established a branch in Rangoon. The operation of the branch focused on trade between Burma and India.

What Is The Full Form Of CBI?

Here are 2 CBI full forms. One is the Central Bureau of Investigation and the second is the Central Bank of India. Central Bureau of Investigation is a government organization in India that looks after security and acts as a criminal investigative body and the other is the Central Bank of India, the oldest and largest commercial bank in India.

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